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A new social network  Social Media That Pays

There’s a new social media network which is allowing users to earn BitCoin through submitting their content. The social media network is called Film Annex and their reinventing of social media includes the slogan Social Media That Pays.

Before their rebranding as a social media network Film Annex (as the name suggests) appealed to the independent filmmakers and bloggers worldwide. Even before introducing BitCoin into the mix they were in the business of paying its content creators for their work and allowing Film Annex to host it on their website. They explain they’re able to achieve this by leveraging their relationships with their advertisers by placing advertisements before their videos and having display ads within the users blog content.


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The new social media? Paying your users for content?

With content platforms like Tumblr and WordPress users have plenty of options to host their content, but this would be the first platform to directly pay its members. As of now their subscriber base is worldwide and 300,000 strong, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they all earn BitCoin. The website has a ranking system (very similar to Facebook likes) called the Buzz Score which determines how much users can earn.

Social Media That Pays

The Ranking System for Social Media That Pays

Here’s how that works straight from the new social network –

Let’s say you’re an active content creator on Film Annex. You upload videos regularly, you blog, create photo galleries, etc. You promote your content on social networks by using the social media buttons on your Film Annex channel. Others promote your work, because they like it. Something is right here! You’re not only creating content, but you’re also promoting it. Plus, others are promoting it too! Your BuzzScore is likely to be very high. And if you’re so social, then we reward you by highlighting your Web TV on our homepage more frequently compared to those who are less social. Plus, you get to make more revenues when you make better movies and write better articles. Good Luck!

We’re onboard with the social media that pays and the adoption of BitCoin. If users who’re looking to become content publishers online know they can make money doing it it seems like a fair trade. Lets see how Film Annex holds up.

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February 9, 2014
Bitcoin & Social Media


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