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When Social Media Scares People – Welcome To WebMD


When Social Media scares people it normally isn’t intentional, but it happens when people look for answers to some hard questions. Normally I’ve seen this happen in two sectors: Healthcare and Finance. With Healthcare it usually circulates around WebMD or the hundreds of message boards riddled with complaints from patients. There is no possible way for a precise medical opinion so it turns into a mess of frustrated people. With finance it works similarly as there lots of screaming voices, but no structure.

So what is the solution? Frankly there isn’t one. There will always be social media scares whether it’s about Facebook buckling under or that hideous looking boil on your neck that you can’t diagnose properly. It’s just part of the medium and it’s a dark side we have to accept if we’re going to communicate this openly.

That said here are some suggestions when prompted with a social media scare. Actually here is just a gigantic one:

Don’t Panic.

Before social media and social media scares existed people received their information perfectly fine. Don’t lose sight that the technology increases efficiency, but not accuracy, and in that respect there will be a lot more muddled fake information there for you to push through. Accept this and trust reliable sources for your information. Don’t succumb to social media scares prompted by people you’ve never met before.

Acknowledge them and move past them.



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June 17, 2012
When Social Media Scares People – Welcome To WebMD


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