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When SEO is Boring and Nobody Cares How It Works


First off, saying SEO is boring is entirely subjective, and in my case I’m referring to a client who decided to unearth their opinion in the midst of a pitch. It sounds like a nightmare, but it was hilarious and well fit the mood of the proposal. SEO is boring for the most part. The results of SEO are fantastic, but some people don’t care how the light gets on. They just care it stays on.

Do I think SEO is boring? Sometimes. It depends on the client and the current work you’re doing to impact their current SEO efforts. If you’re spending all day being an excel miner trying to find those exact keywords using predetermined formulas then I guess your life is going to suck. If you’re buying links like crazy and always on the phone or sending emails to webmasters negotiating dollars then you’re in sales, and you should sell insurance. It’s much more lucrative.

That is boring. I don’t enjoy doing that, but it’s essential for a good SEO campaign. SEO is boring if you stick to one or two tricks in your arsenal, and if you’re doing that then you probably suck at it anyway. Now explaining SEO can be boring because;

1. You’ve probably done it a million times

2. You sound like a robot talking about Google AdWords, Social SEO, and the importance of quality vs. quantity.

3. You know it’s more complicated than one sit down can justify and that in itself makes it all the more boring.


So what do you do? Do you just admit that SEO is boring and shovel through?

Yes. That is precisely what you do. That’s what I do anyway. Who says it needs to be glamorous all the time? And maybe if you think SEO is boring all the time you should think about getting into something else. SEO (and at times social media) aren’t all rainbows and unicorns, but they’re fundamental concepts and technologies that attribute to online and digital success.

If that doesn’t sell you try thinking about it through supply and demand. The demand for SEO is high when people understand what the hell it is, and more importantly, how it can benefit them. Once you can prove you know what you’re doing and have done it before – there is your demand. Your supply is your brain. There is no warehouse with SEO fixes and packages.

If that didn’t work then you’re neither a businessman or a realist, in which case you’re an idealist.

And if that’s you – keep living that dream bro



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September 21, 2012
When SEO is Boring and Nobody Cares How It Works


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