Hoboken, NJ



The Client

PetPlus is a membership website where pet owners can access their pet care needs at cost for a monthly or yearly fee. It’s the first of its kind and has revolutionized traditional pet care.

The Ask

We became involved with PetPlus in start-up mode so it was our task to head digital strategy. We were their partners in search optimization, social engagement, and content marketing. Our goal was to bring the brand to life and in front of relevant audiences.

How SocialMarvels Helped

  • Social
  • Search
  • Paid Media

 PetPlus had a limited social presence before we were involved as their branding had not been fully established. To help spread the word on the brands empathetic and philanthropic nature we managed a promotion to aggregate social shares and links. This was a $10k donation to a voted on animal shelter. We then supplemented this initiative with others that enabled Petplus to embrace their new branding.

PetPlus had a unique relationship with their parent company which made their presence in search practically nonexistent. We came together with a keyword strategy that enabled the brand to stand on its own legs focusing them as the pet prescription plan of choice – ranking on page one for the term. 

We constructed a paid social campaign for PetPlus targeting competitors and creating custom audience segments of pet owners who would most profit from PetPlus savings and offerings.