Hoboken, NJ



The Client (Sort of) is a website covering events, news, and stories in and surrounding Hoboken, NJ. It was started by us here at as a fun way of connecting with one of our favorite spots in New Jersey.

The Ask (Kind of)

To provide value to readers across search and social looking for information pertaining to Hoboken including parties, news, local business updates, and editorial content.

How SocialMarvels Helped

  • The Build
  • Social
  • Engagement

We built the website from the ground up. We made the logo, experimented with different templates, and incorporated all the fun functionality such as commenting, social shares, and reaching out to writers directly. 

 Broboken connected with people in Hoboken to determine what should be written about including some veterans of the town who lived in it for 15 years. After developing a content strategy we attacked social media aggressively on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook developing a userbase of thousands in the area.

Broboken works with nonprofits and local businesses in the area to share their stories with other residents. We hope that Broboken provides value to readers outside of just our content, but acts as a platform that connects those readers with services they can enjoy and take advantage of.