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Finally Figured Out How To Convince People SEO Works


Here’s how to finally convince people that SEO works and is an important investment into the health of any digital property. It’s been silly I haven’t figured this out on my own before, but this is the real deal. I lived it, and I don’t want you to, so I’m going to just lay it on you.

Here’s how you finally get people to see SEO works? Ready? Here’s the secret –

Don’t do it.

Give up. Quit. Don’t care anymore. Let it burn to the ground. Let it die. Death. Death to all organic rankings. Death to keywords. Death to 404s (or life to them, you get the idea). Burn the mother down.

But to be more precise,do something like this:

Get a period of 30 days that you have agreed upon beforehand and make sure that you do not do anything SEO-friendly for the website at all. Make sure that nobody is doing anything specifically to enhance search for the website. Do what you’d normally do. Add content, add product in your normal fashion, but don’t do anything for the benefit of search.

Now get your toolkit ready (MOZ is great but Ahrefs works to track links) and look up your URL with your competitors. What you’re going to do is track every week how their website does versus your own. Specifically you’re going to be looking for an increase in links and where those links are coming from.

You’ll notice (especially if you’re an e-commerce brand) lots of homepage links. If you’re more a content driven website you’ll see long-tail variations, but the point here is people are going to be linking to you.

It’s at this point in the article I debated keeping a tally of technical errors, but truthfully you won’t need it unless you really need to drive the point home – lets focus on the links for now. So, we’ve got the total number of links you’re missing out on that you’ve identified. Next we’ve got the domain authority.

Yours is going to be puny if you’re not doing linking, search optimization, or any sort of content marketing. They will grow. If you have a website in the 20s and 30s it’s going to be probably substantial. 70s, 80s, not so much, but if you’re reading this and you have a website with that domain authority you need more help than I can offer you.

At the end of the 30 days you’ll see more links, higher domain authority, and your lame ass website that did nothing. That’s fine – that’s the point.

So what does it prove? It proves the property that invested in gaining links through social media, directories, exchanges, etc did so that raised the evaluation of their digital property. It got graded higher. It’s beachfront and you have something on the parkway.

It also proves that they have more traffic than you. How can we assume this? How did you get here? You clicked a link. Links = referrals.

To review, here’s how you can finally prove that SEO is necessary and SEO is awesome.

1. Don’t do anything for 30 days on your own website.

2. Monitor your competitors and see what links they’re getting and their domain authority.

3. At the end of the 30 days go “We could do that if we build links! Here’s how we build links!.”

4. Go build links and be a hero.

So the next time you need to prove SEO – here’s how you do it. This is more the beginner version. For the more technical savvy department that says organic can’t possibly help their business, we’ll get into a technical audit and keyword rankings, but for now, it is coffee time.

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April 6, 2015
Finally Figured Out How To Convince People SEO Works


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