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When discussing offsite SEO tactics the first things we’re going to look at are going to be current linking campaigns and your social SEO. To be perfectly clear we define Social SEO as the amount of social signals a page has achieved such as Facebook likes, Tweets, shares through content platforms such as LinkedIn and Tumblr, etc. Social SEO brings different topics into the conversion of how to measure a page and its success. Ultimately it’ll bring us back to the “how much is a Facebook like worth” dilemma many Jr. social media resources struggle with.

Lets dive deeper into Social SEO and its perceived value –

1. Quality Control 

Something Social SEO immediately provides is a measurement of quality and share-ability. Social plugins allow immediate content syndication, and with that, link generation. Those who wish to generate links must do so under their own social media accounts putting their reputation on the line. This acts as a filter of control allowing us to determine whether or not this content is deemed worthy by a community. We’ve seen further examples of this when Google+ and YouTube merged together.

Social SEO acts as a measurement of quality for content allowing people to represent themselves with it through the act of sharing.

2. Link Generation

There is no denying the importance of quality links and how they improve your SEO. External and internal linking onsite can make (or break depending on the quality) a campaign. Resulting measurements of page and domain authority came out quickly after gauging link importance.

Social SEO allows content to become syndicated practically immediately. Based on the network it is a part of we can see links that take flight throughout social media and bring in quality web traffic. LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and other content platforms allow entire communities to discuss and promote specific content pieces. As long as they’re included and the content is prominent and of quality they will respond.

3. Digital Branding

If you’re on social media you’re cognizant of your branding. You know the ability to brand yourself online and have harnessed the power of digital entities to do just that. Social SEO is one of your most powerful tools. You can use these plugins to rack up members of an online community or you can use them to promote individual links. You can diversify plugins and pump numbers into one key network to become a trendsetter in the space based on market research. It’s entirely up to you.

Social media allows us the ability to brand ourselves however we see fit. Of course we need to step up to the plate in order for a community to adopt us, but as long as you’re willing to do the leg work and provide the web with engaging, original content and a smooth user experience – you’re all set. Including Social SEO gives your customers the immediacy needed to share their experiences.


We’ve always had a strong belief that social media and SEO were never mutually exclusive and fortunately search marketing has evolved to combine the two marketing channels beautifully.

Our embodiment online goes hand-in-hand with our intent within search and Social SEO paves the way of unifying these effortlessly. Use it to your advantage!

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January 13, 2014
Social Signals & SEO


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